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Rodobens History


Rodobens Business and Solutions was established in June 2010 with the aim of gathering services of cars and financial solutions segments. It was born fully active, valued and with potential to continue in business success. It is part of Rodobens Enterprises, with over 60 years of market.

The history of Rodobens Enterprises began in 1949 in São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, with Cirasa, a Mercedes-Benz dealership. With the strategic vision of promoting partnerships and integrate services, businessman Waldemar de Oliveira Verdi expanded his business throughout Brazil.

In 1966 Rodobens Consortium was created, initiating its activities with plans for trucks and buses, and then transferring this experience to the cars and buildings consortium.

Some years later other companies complemented the solutions, as follows: Rodobens Insurance Brokers, Rodobens Cars, Rodobens Bank and Rodobens Car Rental.

The determination and boldness that guided business in the automotive sector came to be applied in real estate. Rodobens Real Estate adds quality of life to the concept of living, a strategy that allowed for opening of the company’s capital in early 2007.

All the achievements are distributed in more than 60 years of history and based on the Mission, Vision and Values of Rodobens Enterprises.

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